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Everything you need to know about the new battery rebate in Queensland.

There’s great news for Queenslanders seeking affordable access to solar batteries. The Queensland Government has released a new Battery Booster Rebate designed to help Queenslanders with the cost of buying a home solar battery system. 

In this guide we’ll talk you through what the rebate is, who is eligible, how to apply, which companies are approved to install under the rebate and what kind of battery you should be looking at.

What is the Queensland Battery Booster Rebate?

The new rebate is designed to help Queenslanders offset some of the costs of adding a home solar battery to a new or existing solar system.

Before now there have not been any incentives or rebates available on solar batteries within Queensland, which means more households will now have the opportunity to save on energy bills and manage their electricity usage more efficiently.

The rebate is now accepting applications but there’s some information you need to know and a few steps you need to take before applying.

What are the benefits of a solar battery system?

There are many benefits of a battery system, which compliment the benefits of a new or existing home solar system.

  • Solar batteries enable households to maximize the energy generated by their solar panels. Rather than selling any excess energy generated by the solar system back to the energy grid, you’re able to store the energy to be used at a later time when you aren’t generating your own power like at night.
  • By using your own stored solar energy, you can significantly reduce your reliance on the energy grid to power your home and appliances. This translates to substantial savings on annual power bills, potentially leading to a $0 power bill.
  • Having a solar battery helps make your house blackout proof. When the energy grid goes down, you’ll still be able to access your stored solar energy from your battery to keep your household running.

The rebates available

There are two types of rebate available which depend on your combined household income.

The Standard rebate

For applicants with an income of less than $180,000 for the most recent financial year, the available rebate amount is $3,000. 

For applicants with a spouse, the combined income of both individuals must not exceed $180,000 for the same financial year to qualify for the $3,000 rebate.

The Low-income rebate

Households where the highest income earner made $66,667 or less in the most recent financial year are eligible for a rebate of up to $4,000.

Do you qualify for the battery booster rebate?

There are several eligibility criteria you will need to meet in addition to the income criteria:

  • You must be the owner of the house where the battery will be installed and used.
  • Have a new or existing solar PV system with a minimum 5 kW system capacity (this can be bought at the same time as the battery from an approved seller and installer).
  • You must purchase an Approved Battery System with a minimum capacity 6 kilowatt hours (kWh) or larger.
  • You must use an Approved Installer, like Green Energy Technologies, to install the battery system. The installer must be listed on the Approved Installed list before the installation date.
  • You must consent to a safety inspection by a Government appointed inspectorate.

For the full and complete guidelines to the Battery Booster program see the link here.

How do you apply for the battery rebate?

There are 5 steps you need to complete in order to receive the Battery Booster Rebate with Green Energy Technologies.

  1. Request and receive a quote from an approved solar installer like Green Energy Technologies.
  2. Apply for conditional approval through the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) online portal.
  3. Receive conditional approval from QRIDA.
  4. Arrange your installation date and time with your approved solar installer.
  5. Pay for the battery system in full, rebates are only available after the system has been paid for.

Once you have completed these five steps and your battery system has been installed, you are able to submit your rebate application. You’ll need to have your installation invoice, proof of home ownership and evidence of your income to submit your application.

Who can install with the new battery rebate?

An important consideration when working out whether you qualify for the battery rebate is whether your chosen installer is on the Approved Installer list. The Approved Installer list was created to ensure the battery systems are being safely installed by certified companies that meet all of the training and licensing requirements.

Green Energy Technologies is approved for installing the Battery Booster Rebate for both on grid and standalone battery systems. Make sure you have checked your installer is currently on the Approved Installer List or your application may be rejected.

What kind of battery should you get with the Battery Booster Rebate?

To find out what types of batteries are available and eligible for the Battery Booster Rebate you can find the battery systems we install and recommend here at Green Energy Technologies.Still have questions? We’ve got more information on solar batteries and how to choose the right battery for you, check out our article here, or give our solar experts here at Green Energy Technologies a call on (07) 49402900.