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Solar Price Comparison

Would you rather be paying 10.7c from your own solar power generator or 34.5c from your current provider?

Current Provider


Total cost of power over the next 10 years


Average cost of power per KWh

Your Solar Generator


Net savings over next 10 years


Average cost of power per KWh

Wholesale Energy Prices have DOUBLED in the Last Year


Is how much we can help you put into your bottom line!*

Based on a $5,000 per month bill the above graph shows how the cheaper price of solar can deliver for you.

The above solution keeps over $250,000 over 10 years in your back pocket, much better than the current solution of handing your money over to energy providers.

Solar for Business with GET

  • Preserve your capital
  • Simple online application
  • May be fully tax deductible
  • Option to buy or upgrade at the end of term
  • No financials / landlord waivers*
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Other Options


Are you a savvy investor and hate big power bills? Take control of your bills and invest at ROI’s from 30 – 50%. Where better to invest…

  • Higher returns from day 1
  • Maximum savings with shortest pay back