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Business Testimonials

"We would happily recommend Shirlz and the entire team at Green Energy Technologies to any business looking to cut down on their overheads. As predicted, we have already saved thousands on our power bills since installing the system late 2016."

Absolute EnterpriseMackay

“We use a lot of power during the day which is the peak time to get the returns on solar. Dave and the team at Green Energy Technologies put together a fantastic deal based on my business needs with a $0 dollar upfront finance option. The system has reduced our bill to close to zero dollars which means the system will pay itself off in 3 short years. A great investment! Another advantage for me is the fact that I can claim the expense as a tax write off for the business.”

Vision SurveysCannonvale

“When Dave first dropped in to see me I must admit, I was thinking "this sounds too good to be true". However, like many others, at Zambrero we are always looking for ways to reduce business costs. Fast forward two months after the install and the system is doing everything I hoped it would, plus more. For any local business owners still sitting on the fence about solar, I highly recommend you give Dave and the team at Green Energy Technologies a call today.”


“It’s not just the financial benefits, its knowing that you are doing the right thing.”

Colour Me CrazyProserpine

“Our power bills were one of our largest costs and with the help of Green Energy Technologies we have been able to lower our power bills which helps our bottom line."


“After finance-costs of equipment & the electricity was paid for, we were in a positive cash flow situation.”

Graphic HouseAirlie Beach

“Solar is a great way to alleviate the stress of high electricity costs."

Seabreeze ApartmentsAirlie Beach

“They are an honest group of people to deal with. Just from the advice alone they have saved us a $1000 on the last month power bill.”

Metropole HotelProserpine

"Highly recommend Green Energy. Great service from a Local Business."

CJ MachinningMackay