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Nothing done is nothing gained

Queenslanders power bills have risen substantially over the last decade and they are expected to continue to increase. Additionally the governments solar initiative is being phased out with a continual annual decrease in the eligible amount.

Why waste money by waiting. Invest in your own power solution, stop paying for grid power today and stay ahead of the power price rises and government incentive phase out.

  • Power prices will continue to rise

  • Government incentives are decreasing

  • Cutting back power usage isn’t the only option

  • Don’t miss out on savings by waiting

STC Scheme Phasing Out

The current government solar initiative strives to increase in the number of homes being powered by solar generation systems. When you install an eligible solar power system it is eligible for a number of STC’s, (small-scale technology certificates) that are calculated based on your location and the amount of electricity it will displace over a number of years.

The value of the STC’s are exchanged for an upfront discount on your system with Green Energy Technologies. The number of years for the calculation is decreasing annually by 1 year which will reduce the number of STC’s eligible for a system. From January 1 2019 it will reduce to 12 years and as it will continue to decrease it only makes sense to install solar sooner rather than later.