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Morely’s Funeral Home, Townsville

“I'm impressed with how you’ve continued to be in touch and
continued to help us with that change of tariff. I didn’t expect
that kind of after service to continue as long and as well as it did!”

Larry Newman, Morely's Funeral HomeTownsville, QLD

Solution Type

100kW SolarEdge System with monitoring


Townsville, QLD


After the first 6 months, Morely’s power bill went from between $6,000-$9,000 per month to around $2,000. Saving Morley’s up to $50,000 a year. That’s almost $1,000 per week!

With energy bills adding up to a whopping $9,000 a month, Morley’s knew it was time to audit their energy usage and find a better solution. Morley’s consumes over 200MWh per year which places them in a large tariff classification.


Morley’s found they utilised the most energy between the hours of 8-5 mainly, consisting of air conditioning, making solar an obvious choice to reduce operating costs.


Green Energy suggested an initial install of 100kW of solar panels, with monitoring to assess if any further action would be required.


After the first 6 months, their power bill went from anywhere between $6,000-$9,000 per month to around $2,000 (with fluctuations during high/low usage months). Saving Morley’s up to $50,000 a year. That’s almost $1,000 per week!

In addition, after Green Energy submitted the first 6 months of reduced energy reporting, Ergon Energy were able to put the company into a lower Tariff classification, saving them an extra $2,000 p/month on top of a huge reduction in energy costs and reducing their dependence on the grid by 60%


On top of their solar solution, SolarEdge monitoring was added to supply them with instantaneous data to help the team manage the electricity loads for optimal usage. Additionally, it reports when a fault has occurred which minimises any downtime and lost savings.

Larry and Green Energy Technologies are continually reviewing the systems performance and looking at options for additional improvements or upgrades available that will increase savings for the business. The solar solution has worked exceptionally well for Morley’s Funeral Home by reducing their power bill and enabling them to change tariff classifications.

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