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Goode’s Butchery

The same investment for the business as a vehicle but pays for itself off and keeps saving you money...easy decision.

Don Horspool,Owner of Goode’s Butchery.


Butchery: Processing & retail



Case Study Focus

Reducing grid consumption from cold rooms & smoker

Initial Solution

20kW Solar Solution

Ongoing Solution

Continually added more panels to increase savings. Integrated back to base monitoring for guaranteeing production and performance of the system.

Business Profile:

Goode’s Butchery is a busy local business that has been operating in Sarina for many years. Don & Geraldine, the owners, were keen to reduce the monthly electricity bill which was a large portion of their operating costs. Goode’s Butchery runs multiple cold rooms year round, smokers regularly and a retail shop front 6 days a week.

The Green Energy Team highlighted the benefits of the business producing it’s own power to assist in reducing the consumption from grid with a solar system.

Energy Use:

As the business runs the cold room 24/7 with the addition of the retail store being open 6 days a week it allows a solar solution to assist by providing the electricity for the day time consumption which is the majority of their bill.


Initially a 20kW solar system was installed. Upon review another 2kW of solar panels were added along with back to base monitoring.


The solar solution has worked well for Don & Geraldine by reducing their power bill by $1000 on average per month. The monitoring supplies them with instantaneous data to assist in managing the electricity loads for optimal usage. Additionally it reports when a fault has occurred which minimises any downtime and lost savings. Green Energy Technologies and Don & Geraldine, are continually reviewing the solars performance and options for additional improvements or upgrades available that will increase savings for the business.