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The Davey’s at The Leap

“Even though the cost seems daunting, the finance options make it possible and the savings make it worthwhile in the end!”

Haley & PhilThe Leap, QLD

Solution Type

GET360; GET Battery 9.6kW SolarEdge Panels + 5kW StorEdge Inverter + LG HV10 Battery Solution


The Leap, QLD


5.4 Years


Panels: 10.04kw = 5kw 20 x 250w existing + 5.04kw 16 x 330w Phono Panels

Batteries: 14.40kwh = 3 x 4.8kwh Sungrow

Hayley and Phil’s quarterly power bills were just about breaking the bank. They’re currently living on 10 acres of land in The Leap, QLD. Not only do they have to keep their land healthy, but they also have a plethora of animals including cows, horses, pigs, chickens, snakes, and dogs! As you can imagine, feeding, cleaning, and watering the animals is a huge draw of power. ON TOP of their animals they also have fruit trees to water, water troughs to fill, 3 full size fridges, and 2 large freezers. In the summer, they have a pool with a pump as well! They were spending anywhere from $800-$1,000 a quarter on power bills.

They really couldn’t afford NOT to get solar! Once they sat down with the GET team and figured out how much their monthly repayments would be with finance, they realized it would be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than their current bill! Green Energy set them up with 9.6kW of SolarEdge Panels and an LG HV10 Battery. Now, their bills are coming in as low as $9, and they have plans to add more panels to their home and grab another system for a shed that is in the works. Hayley and Phil love being able to have their big power grabbers like the hot water on a timer to ensure they are running at peak power generation times during the day. When they first got their system, Phil was very strict on monitoring and was able to get into the nitty gritty to find out where their highest power consumption was coming from. He even got as detailed as which types of light bulbs were drawing the most power!

“We love to be able to control where the power our panels are generating is concentrated, and ensuring we’re only using the things that draw the most power at certain times during the day!”

Since they’ve had such a great experience with their GET system, Hayley & Phil recommend getting solar to all their friends and neighbors!

“Even though the cost seems daunting, the finance options make it possible and the savings make it worthwhile!”

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