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GET 360 is the ultimate in functionality, and involves combining solar power, 24/7 monitoring and battery night use together to result in a $0 power bill.

Lots of solar providers offer these elements in isolation, but Green Energy Technologies have the expertise, experience and track record to combine these solutions together to save you money.

Solar Power

Clean & free energy

  • Generate clean power for your home with no negative environmental issues
  • Become a leader in your area and join the revolution
  • Harnessing free energy from the sun.

24/7 Monitoring

Protect your investment & know where your money is going

Always know what your energy is costing you, rather than waiting for that dreaded power bill.

  • Monitor your usage, see feed in and solar used at any time, which can be used to predict your savings.
  • Faults monitoring with alerts as soon as there is an issue for your peace of mind
  • Have a history of your usage to assist with making improvements and deciding on additional solar / batteries.
GET Batter Storage

Battery Storage

Power in an outage

  • Maximise savings
  • Day and night you’re in control
  • Protect yourself in power outages

$0 Power Bill

Protect yourself from rising power prices

Join the growing number of locals with a stress free power bill. Sit back in comfort knowing you’ve made the right choice.

  • Rising power costs are no longer a concern.
  • Eliminate one of your biggest household bills