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Shane from Bowen

I'm pretty impressed. Now I've got the batteries the chair lift will always work.

Shane GoodwinBowen

Solution Type

GET360: GET Battery






A 3kW SolaX hybrid inverter with 13kWhr SolaX LG batteries and 4.5kW of solar panels.

Shane requires reliable power at home for his chair lift and with the frequent power outages his normal power supply doesn’t meet those needs. Kon from our Green Energy Team found the perfect solution for Shane’s problem.

Shane originally had solar and a small power bill. As part of his home workshop, Shane operates some pretty heavy machinery, so he wanted to add some additional solar and a battery to run the machines and get rid of the bill all together!

The GET Battery solution delivers by producing solar for the home, while the battery charges during the day and uses the banked battery power for the night.

The solution includes a 3kW SolaX hybrid inverter with 13kW/hr SolaX LG batteries and 4.5kW of solar panels.

Shane now runs air cons and has battery for outage and day to day usage.
The biggest benefit of the battery is Shane’s ability to get out of the house during an outage or in an emergency. He can also choose to stay at home during extended outages caused by natural disasters like our most recent cyclone.