Pay with your savings and still be ahead!

The charges for electricity are now so high you can pay for your own solar generator with the savings and still be well on top.

This is the perfect cash positive solution for any business looking to stop the costs of ever increasing bills.

Bottom Line Benefits




Net savings over 10 years

Make Your Own Energy


Savings over 25 years

Cashflow Positive Investment

The below example shows a leased system deliver savings of over $23,000 per year while lease payments are below $8,000 per year

That is over $15,000 per year simply by making a good decision!


Savings off bill


In repayments


Annual savings total

Solar for Business with GET

  • Preserve your capital
  • No deposit required
  • Simple online application
  • May be fully tax deductible
  • Option to buy or upgrade at the end of term
  • No financials / landlord waivers*
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Other Options


Are you a savvy investor and hate big power bills? Take control of your bills and invest at ROI’s from 30 – 50%. Where better to invest…

  • Higher returns from day 1
  • Maximum savings with shortest pay back

Buy Cheaper Power

Don’t pay full price for power. Get a discounted rate from your current bills by purchasing cheaper power from a solar generator.

  • Keep your power costs low
  • Stay in control