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Get a free battery with every 6.5kw GET360 system, but only until the end of March!

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You could run your air conditioner for free with a solar system.


Welcome to Green Energy Technologies

Green Energy Technologies (GET) is locally owned and operates throughout Mackay and the Whitsundays, offering a comprehensive and personalised solar energy service. Our experienced team pride themselves on providing the highest quality products, workmanship and ongoing support when it comes to your solar investment. Join us as we work to ease the financial burden of rapidly rising electricity prices and create a sustainable future for our community.

Green Energy Technologies, the local experts in affordable energy.

Our extensive network of clients are amazed by the value we offer through products and enduring service. Green Energy Technologies offices are staffed by locals who work for locals. Once you choose a Green Energy Technologies solar system you will never regret it.

NEW! Find your solar savings.

Your solar system allows you to use the power you collect direct from the sun without passing through the grid. This can make it difficult to work out how much you save with your solar as it does not show up on your electricity bill. Use our calculator to decode your power bill and see how your solar is working for you. >> Click here <<

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Solar Energy - The Total Solution


Green Energy Technologies have got the perfect solar solution for your home and business called GET360.

24/7 Monitoring, Battery Night Use and most importantly $0 Power Bill.

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