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Have huge energy bills to pay?

Have you considered Solar?

Generate your own power and take a step towards getting rid of your bills

Find Out How Much You Can Save

All our Solar for Home Packages include

Tailored to your home & power needs
Choice of top quality products
Ongoing service
CEC Accredited Installer
A Grade Electrician

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Let’s hear from some of our customers…

“The system has reduced our bill to close to zero dollars which means the system will pay itself off in 3 short years. And I can claim the expense as a tax write off for the business.”

– Dave, Vision Surveys

““I love it. You don’t have to worry about how much power you’re using when everyone else is complaining about their bills”

– Marjorie & Owen, Bowen

It is a no brainer financially, from a personal view not only is it an environmentally correct decision but it is obviously the way things are going to get a smarter way of producing power”

– Dave Rogers, Proserpine