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Leading the Charge: Commercial Solar Installers in Whitsundays

In the picturesque Whitsundays, businesses are turning to commercial solar installers to harness abundant sunshine for sustainable energy. Green Energy Technologies leads this green revolution, providing cutting-edge solar solutions tailored for commercial clients. Our services include site assessment, custom system design, professional installation, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and significant savings.

By choosing Green Energy Technologies, Whitsundays businesses benefit from lower energy bills, reduced carbon footprints, and enhanced sustainability. Embrace solar energy with us – your trusted partner for commercial solar installations. Join us in creating a greener future today.

  • Give your business more cash flow
  • Increase the value of your business

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Are you a savvy investor and hate big power bills? Take control of your bills and invest at ROI’s from 30 – 50%. Where better to invest…

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$0 Cost

Ditch the bill , keep your cash. Leasing a solar generator allows you to pay a small fixed fee per month to deliver your own power and avoid massive bills.

  • Cash flow positive in day 1
  • Free up your cash
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Buy Cheaper Power

Don’t pay full price for power. Get a discounted rate from your current bills by purchasing cheaper power from a solar generator.

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Comparison Chart

Invest $0 Cost Buy Cheaper Power
Upfront Cost 100% $0 $0
Lease/Rent $0 $0
Cost for Solar Prodution $0 $0 16cents/kWh
Savings 50% plus 30% 30%
Cash Positive
ROI 50% plus 30% 30%
Payback 2-3years 3-5years 3-5year
Save More with Battery Battery Ready Battery Ready Battery Ready

Tailored to your home & power needs

Choice of top quality products

Ongoing service

CEC Accredited Installer

A Grade Electrician

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