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Now more than ever business owners are turning to solar energy to power their businesses, saving on energy bills and decarbonising at the same time.

Green Energy Technologies is committed to helping every business make the transition to greener energy and offers multiple ways to pay to suit every business’s needs. Whether you’re leasing a space or own the building, we can help find the right solar solution for your business.


Which solar option is right for my business?

If you’re wondering which finance option will fit your business best, we’ve listed out the advantages of each option in the article below.


Use your money to purchase a solar system designed by our solar experts to meet your energy needs. With outright ownership you’ll be able to claim operating costs and depreciation expenses back at tax time. If you have the upfront capital to invest in your solar solution you could be looking at a 57% return on your investment with an average pay off time of 20 months.


If you’re wanting solar for your business now for $0 upfront costs, you can fund your system with, consider using our partnered provider to loan the money which you pay back over a chosen period of time. You’ll be able to claim back GST costs and any interest accrued on the loan as a business expense at tax time. The savings generated by your solar system will offset the ongoing repayments.

PPA (Buy Cheaper Power)

A Power Purchase Agreement is an ongoing agreement between your business and our PPA provider who take care of the operation and maintenance of the solar system. Your business doesn’t own the solar system but instead purchases the energy generated by the system at a much lower rate. You’ll receive the benefits of a solar system with none of the upfront costs.

No matter how you finance your solar system with Green Energy Technologies, our solar solutions are fully customisable to your business’s budget and needs. We help hundreds of Queensland businesses save thousands on their energy bills every year.

If you’re looking for more information about our commercial purchasing options, get in touch with our team of solar experts today. You can call us on 0749402900 or leave your details for our team to give you a call.