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  • Give your business more cash flow
  • Increase the value of your business

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Are you a savvy investor and hate big power bills? Take control of your bills and invest at ROI’s from 30 – 50%. Where better to invest…

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$0 Cost

Ditch the bill , keep your cash. Leasing a solar generator allows you to pay a small fixed fee per month to deliver your own power and avoid massive bills.

  • Cash flow positive in day 1
  • Free up your cash
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Buy Cheaper Power

Don’t pay full price for power. Get a discounted rate from your current bills by purchasing cheaper power from a solar generator.

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Comparison Chart

Invest $0 Cost Buy Cheaper Power
Upfront Cost 100% $0 $0
Lease/Rent $0 $0
Cost for Solar Prodution $0 $0 16cents/kWh
Savings 50% plus 30% 30%
Cash Positive
ROI 50% plus 30% 30%
Payback 2-3years 3-5years 3-5year
Save More with Battery Battery Ready Battery Ready Battery Ready

Tailored to your home & power needs

Choice of top quality products

Ongoing service

CEC Accredited Installer

A Grade Electrician